Translation for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Translation

Pharmaceutical translation service that’s accurate and effective.

Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Pharmaceutical translation services are required at many stages throughout the process of developing a new treatment, from translating the results from multi-country clinical trials to producing an insert leaflet in multiple languages.

An incorrect translation could have profound implications, from individuals misusing medication to possible lawsuits or even rejection of a new treatment from regulating bodies.

Pharmaceutical Documents we Translate

Insert leaflets

Subject diaries

Case report forms

Labels and packaging

Clinical protocols


Data Sheets

Regulatory documentation

Peer review papers

Manufacturing process

Languages we translate into:

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Accuracy & Precision

Accuracy, precision, and consistency are essential when translating highly technical and specific medical and pharmaceutical documents.

Our translators are native speakers of your target language and have extensive experience translating medical and pharmaceutical documents.

Before the finished translation is returned to you, your documents undergo a three-stage proofreading process, guaranteeing accuracy and precision. Your dedicated translator conducts initial proofreading before handing over to a second independent linguist for further review. The final stage ensures the translated documents acutely reflect and replicate the formatting, typesetting and style of the original.


Our panel of over 5,500 translators and interpreters specialise in a vast number sectors including the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

By working with only the most qualified and experienced translator, with an in-depth knowledge of the specialised terminology used in your industry, we can ensure the end result is an accurate, literal, and precise translation.  

Pharmaceutical Translation Services


The pharmaceutical industry is a competitive one. In order to protect the intellectual property and biomedical designs from competitors, pharmaceutical companies must look to patent their innovative medications and treatments. An inaccurate translation could prove very costly, changing the meaning enough to deny a claim against a patent infringement.

We have extensive experience providing translation services to a number industries including medicine, law and pharmaceuticals.

Our linguists are experienced in translating highly technical documents for these industries including patents for international filing.


The protection of confidential information is a fundamental feature of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our clients trust us to translate confidential information because we understand and respect the confidentiality of your company and of your patients.

Our linguists sign comprehensive confidentiality agreements during recruitment and adhere to strict privacy policy and data protection acts. Any information provided to us by our clients is protected against unauthorised access, use, and disclosure. Our systems are firewall protected and all information is kept in the utmost confidence.