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Patent translation services with exceptional results.

Patent Translation Services

We understand that new ideas and innovative designs have huge potential not only to better the lives of their users, but to also become a very lucrative product or service. Therefore, patents are essential to protect the rights of inventors against competitors.

When translating highly technical legal documents such as patents; accuracy, expertise and confidentiality are paramount. The slightest mistake could change the meaning of the patent, invalidating claims against competitors and proving very costly. Our expert legal translators, specialised in patent translation, can help register your patent with an international receiving office or help defend your claim against a foreign competitor.

In 2013 93% of patent applications originated from one of the 5 largest international property offices

Europe (EPO)

Japan (JPO)

Korean (KIPO)

China (SIPO)


Languages we translate into:

Can’t see the language you need? We work in over 150 languages so please get in touch.


Our linguists have at least five years of industry specific experience and an advanced degree in translation or interpreting. Our legal translators have an in-depth knowledge of legal terminology in their native language and extensive experience filing patents in a number of national authorities including the main five IP offices.

We have over 30 years of experience offering patent translation services to the legal sector and patent attorneys around the globe. Our clients trust us with translating highly technical legal documents such as patents, because we understand the challenges and difficulties associated with maintaining the quality and accuracy of translation in these vital documents. We translate in over 150 different languages including the languages of the top five IP offices: English (UK, US) Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin.

Patent translation services


When working on highly technical legal documents, there is no room for error. Our expert legal translators have a wealth of experience to draw upon, while our quality management system guarantees accuracy and quality of translation.

Our three-stage proofreading process ensures there is no room for error and your documents are accurately translated. Once the translation is complete, your lead linguist proofreads the documents before sending it to be reviewed by a second independent translator. Your dedicated project manager then conducts a final examination to ensure the typeset and formatting of the translated article replicates that of the original.

Certifying your translation guarantees the accuracy of the documents, and is especially important in the legal sector to defend a client’s claim. We offer a number of certifications including: Notarisation, Apostille, Affidavit before a solicitor, company stamped certification and translators certificates.


Innovations and ground-breaking designs are huge assets to companies and are potentially worth millions. Many keep their innovation out of the public eye while filing a patent to ensure their novel idea remains confidential. A patent translation service is required to overcome language barriers when filing internationally however, involving a third party may risk your clients’ confidentiality.

We understand that protecting confidential information is paramount. We have worked with professionals in the legal sector offering high quality, confidential patent translation services for over three decades. During recruitment, our linguists sign comprehensive confidentiality agreements and adhere to strict privacy policy and data protection acts.