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Medical Translation

Medical translation services with exceptional results.

Medical Translation Services

For effective medical translation services, practitioners must seek a language service provider with extensive experience and understanding of the specialised terminology used in the field of medicine. An inaccurate translation can have profound negative implications – possibly leading to medical complications or legal issues.

We have over three decades of providing translation and interpreting services to professionals working in medicine. Our linguists have specialised and developed an understanding of a range of industries and sub sectors including medicine, thus allowing them to translate the highly complex and specialised terminology specific to your field.

Medical Documents we translate:

Patient consent forms

Instructions for use

Information leaflets

Inserts and labels

Medical records

Journal articles

User manuals

Press releases

Clinical trials

Training materials


Medicine and healthcare is a complex field involving a variety of complex and specialised terminology from a number of subsectors and expert fields. Inaccurate translations can have profound implications on healthcare. Therefore, ensuring the translation of these complex terms is accurate and precise throughout the document is vital.

We take care to select the right team of translators and project managers with extensive experience and knowledge working in the medical field – and sub-sectors. Our translators each have over 5 years industry specific experience, and have usually achieved an advanced degree in translation.

By building a comprehensive glossary of complex medical terms through Translation Memory, we can ensure the accuracy and consistency of terms throughout your documents and between your projects.

Our three-stage proofreading process guarantees the accuracy and precision of your documents. Initial proofreading is conducted by your medical translator before handing it over to a second independent linguist for further review. A final examination ensures the formatting of the translated documents accurately reflect and replicate the formatting of the original.

Translation for medical services

Quality & Confidentiality

Our clients trust us to translate confidential information because we understand and respect the fundamental privacy of your patients.

Our linguists sign comprehensive confidentiality agreements during recruitment and adhere to strict privacy policy and data protection acts.

Any information provided to us by our clients is protected against unauthorised access, use, and disclosure. Our systems are firewall protected and all information is kept in the utmost confidence.

We are committed to constantly improving the quality and reliability of the medical translation services we provide. We have been awarded ISO9001:2008 accreditation for our quality management system which aims to not only meet the needs and expectations of our customers but to surpass them.