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Legal translation services with exceptional results.

Legal Translation Services

We understand when working with sensitive legal documents, there is no room for translation error. The slightest mistake can have severe consequences, not only damaging your reputation but also jeopardising a case.

When translating legal documents confidentiality and accuracy are paramount, but so is timely translation. Choosing a professional legal translation service is the best way to reduce risk and improve translation quality.

Our legal translators are specialists in litigation, legal and copyright terminology, capable of meeting the tight deadlines of ongoing court cases, while holding the information in the highest confidence.  

Types of legal documents we translate:

Our expert translators specialised in litigation terminology are able to translate any legal document.




Court proceedings








Legal translation services


Languages we translate into:

Can't see the language you need? We work in over 150 languages so please get in touch.


We work with only the finest and most experienced linguists in the industry to ensure the legal translation services we provide are of the highest quality and accuracy. Our translators have a minimum of five years of industry-specific experience and hold advanced qualifications in language translation.

Before the finished translation is returned to you, your documents undergo primary and secondary proofreading – initially by the translator and secondly by an independent linguist. Once the translation and proofreading is complete, documents undergo a final examination by your dedicated project manager to check the typeset and formatting of the translated articles to ensure it replicates that of the original.


The protection of confidential information is a fundamental feature of the legal sector and must take precedence at all times.

Our clients trust us with the sensitive information in their legal documents because we understand and respect the confidentiality of your clients and your organisation.

Our linguists sign comprehensive confidentiality agreements during recruitment and adhere to strict privacy policy and data protection acts. Any information provided to us by our clients is protected against unauthorised access, use, and disclosure. Our systems are firewall protected and all information is kept in the utmost confidence.


With tight deadlines and ongoing trials, time is of the essence in the legal sector.

We have eight offices in three continents around the world and access to over 5,500 translators and interpreters so we can offer a true 24/7 service.

We use the latest technology to provide accurate and consistent translations, which in turn reduces the turnaround time and cost. Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools help by extracting text from documents into easily translated units. Translation Memory forms a multilingual database of terminology, phrases and sentences, ensuring a consistent and accurate approach which reduces the cost and time associated with translation.