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We’re trusted by a wealth of companies across the UK to provide a variety of Italian translation services. Our global network of translators have a minimum of five years’ experience and hold advanced qualifications in language translations so we can achieve our high-quality levels of translation services that are accredited by ISO 9001.

As well as a widely used language across Europe, Italian is also the second most spoken language in Argentina. As for dialects, Italian has too many to count. It’s not uncommon for Italian children to be brought up speaking their regional dialect before picking up traditional Italian when they attend school.

As well as grammatical accuracy, we understand the importance of the sentiment of original text and the regional dialect of the translation and always take them into account. So, whether you need a translation from English into Chinese or Chinese into English, we’ll always assign native speaker to your project. We also take time to understand your exact requirements so we can assign a translator with a knowledge and understanding of your industry so you get the best results.

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Our translation process

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  • Over 30 years of experience.
  • A truly 24/7 service with offices across 3 continents.
  • A technology-focussed approach that saves you time and money.
  • We build long-term partnerships with our clients.
  • A global panel of linguists covering over 150 languages.