Remote Video Interpreting

Video Interpreting

User-friendly and on demand communication saving you time and money

Video Interpreting services

Video interpreting is a new, innovative service being adopted throughout the UK to replace Face-to-Face Interpreting.

Our state-of-the-art facility provides exceptional audio and HD video communication between two or multiple parties.

Video interpreting is suitable in a number of different settings, particularly when working with rurally based clients and/or rare languages.

How Does Video Interpreting Work?

We have an extensive number of video interpreting booths located in our central London office and access to a large number of qualified and experienced interpreters.

Once an interpreter has been reserved through our booking system, they will arrive at our office to connect with you at the specified date and time using our HD video interpreting system.

Our video interpreting system offers several benefits for our clients including:

Access to qualified interpreters in a number of less common languages.

Save time without having to wait for interpreters travelling to rural locations.

Improved availability to better meet the demands of your schedule.

Improved communication vs. Telephone Interpreting and better quality provision to clients.>