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Interpretation services

Interpreting Services


Interpreting Services in London

Conference, simultaneous, face-to-face, telephone, British Sign Language, video - we’ve got it covered.

Interpreting Services in London

We provide professional interpreting services for a variety of situations – from conference interpreting to face-to-face interpreting for business meetings.

We’re proud to have our roots in interpreting – our founder, Hulus Hulusi, is an interpreter by trade and is a passionate linguist.

Add to that 35 years of experience, offices across the globe and access to some of the best linguists in the world, our interpreting services are trusted by thousands of clients worldwide.


Our Interpreting Process

5 reasons quality interpreting services make sense

When you choose interpreting services you need to know that they have the scale and resources to produce the results you need.

Professional interpreters, professional image

Good quality interpreting is one of those things you barely notice. It should be in the background – a good interpreter facilitates but doesn’t impact a situation.

But when it’s not good quality, the impact can be acute.

One of the most recent famous cases was the sign language interpreter used at the Nelson Mandela memorial. He was not understood by deaf groups and the appointment was accused of marginalising the deaf community. Not great for the image of the South African Government.

Missed appointments mean missed opportunities

Many agencies offer low-cost services, particularly for high volume contracts. This often results in a poor quality service for the client.

A missed appointment can cost you money and time. The non-attendance of an interpreter can damage your reputation, as well as costing you time, money and potential new business opportunities,


The right interpreter for the right job

We’ve invested in a highly qualified team of interpreters to deliver the very best level of service to our clients. Our strict recruitment and training process ensures that when our interpreters arrive for a job – they are fully qualified and ready to deliver a professional service..

More time to concentrate on your responsibilities

We’ve developed a unique approach to interpreting – each complex project is allocated an interpreting coordinator. Their job is to ensure that everyone is there on time, briefed and prepared. That means you can relax and focus on your responsibilities – while we look after the language.

Consistency is key

We build a team that is tailored to your project, and because we look after our linguists so well, they enjoy working with us. So, when your next appointment comes up, we can select someone from your interpreting team – so you don’t have a different interpreter every time.