Housing Association Interpreting and Translation Services


Interpreting and translation services for housing association

Housing Association Interpreting and Translation Services


Housing Association Interpreting and Translation Services

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Housing Associations practices and the methods in which services are offered to residents have gone through several changes in recent years. The industry will continue to adapt in an effort to become more efficient and cost effective whilst maintaining the level of services offered to residents.

Suppliers to Housing Associations need to introduce innovation into their business to ensure that cost effective, quality assistance is provided to their clients.

ONCALL UK has the solution…

Services Overview

ONCALL UK provides housing associations interpreting and translation services in a number of diverse settings including:

Tenancy Agreements

Rental Disputes


Rent Queries

Our interpreters arrive with a timesheet at least 15 minutes before the appointment start time to provide timely housing associations interpreting services.

Quality Management

Each interpreting and translation professional registered with ONCALL UK has undergone strict, rigorous recruitment procedures including reference checks, qualification checks and DBSchecks. ONCALL UK professionals are also subject to further training and continuing professional development. For our clients, this provides reassurance that the received high level of service is standard, regardless of region or language.

Face-to-face interpreters are sent with a feedback form, which clients are encouraged to send back to ONCALL after completing. This form is not only used as a record of provided housing associations interpreting services, but also as a reference for continuous improvement.

Booking Process

ONCALL UK has developed an industry leading, secure booking system, which can be accessed online to schedule housing associations interpreting and translation services. Equally, customers of ONCALL UK are able to make bookings via phone, fax or email or by using a combination of these options – we are completely flexible. With one call to ONCALL UK, we will take care of the rest!

We contact the most experienced professionals from our extensive database to ensure the allocation of an appropriately qualified linguist. This saves time and money for the Housing Association.

Once the interpreter has been booked, confirmation is sent to the staff member with the name of the chosen professional via their preferred communication method.

Management Reports

At ONCALL UK, we understand how vital it is for Contract Managers and/or Procurement Managers to understand the use of services throughout their organisation as this information provides an opportunity to identify areas where efficiencies could be produced.

ONCALL UK stores data on all housing associations interpreting and translation service bookings for our clients. We provide monthly and quarterly management reports consisting of beneficial information such as the:

Number of Booked Interpreters

Number of Requested Translations

Languages Requested

Expenditure per Department/Directorate etc.

And much more…!