Translation and interpreting services for the European Union

European Union Interpreting and Translation

European Union Interpreting and Translation

Based in the heart of the European District in Brussels, ONCALL UK understands the importance of providing accurate, high level and cost effective interpreting and translation services for EU Institutions.

Our dedicated Project Management team will respond to your request straight away, 24/7 to provide you with interpreting services or document translation into all EU languages by professionals with experience in European affairs. Many of our experts are duly accredited and regularly work for institutions such as: 

EU Parliament

EU Commission

Committee of the Regions (COR)


European Central Bank (ECB)

European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)

European Court of Justice (ECJ)

European Patent Office(EPO)

European Trade Union Institute(ETUI)

African Caribbean & Pacific Group States (ACP)

Our Translation Process

Upon receiving your request, your dedicated Project Manager will verify that a member of our qualified, experienced European Union translation team is available to undertake the work. They will quickly provide you with a quote and turnaround time that suits your specific requirements. The file is then sent securely to the translator to complete the required European Union translation.

Before the file is sent back to you, it is subject to a proofread from a second, independent translator as well as a final examination by the Project Manager to ensure formatting replicates the original.

A field-specific proofreader who is qualified in document editing is assigned to edit any documents intended for publication.

Our Interpreting Process

Professional Simultaneous Interpreting enhances dialogue and increases delegate participation in European Union Q &A sessions. It ensures an interactive, successful event where the intended message is delivered in each of your conference languages.

Upon receiving your request, your dedicated Project Manager will verify that a member of our qualified, experienced interpreting team is available to attend at the required time and location. They will then  quickly provide you with a service quote based on this information.

Since preparation is the key to providing seamless simultaneous communication in any number of languages, all of our Simultaneous Interpreters study and prepare glossaries before any event. Equally, the ONCALL UK team liaises with the client to gather documents, harmonise terminology, prepare files or briefs for the interpreters, organise ID badges, and aid in registration.

After the event, the ONCALL UK Project Manager will hold a‘debrief’ with the interpreters and the client individually, to fine-tune the process for future events and to build a team of regularly assigned interpreters. The simultaneous interpreting team subsequently becomes a natural extension of your services and interactions, including conferences, business meetings, etc.

ONCALL UK can also provide simultaneous interpreting for large conference events, AGM’s etc. and the required Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment.

Areas of Expertise

ONCALL UK provides interpreters and translators experienced in a wide range of fields for the European Union including:

Collective Bargaining

Worker Representation

Financialisation of the Economy

Development & Cooperation

Occupational Health & Safety

Improvement of Working Conditions

Industrial Restructuring & Relocation

Implementation of European Directives

Labour Law

Social Dialogue

Issue of Flexicurity

Trade Union Activities