Translation and interpreting for the automotive industry


Don’t compromise productivity and
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Automotive Interpreting and Translation

ONCALL UK has a wide range of experience in providing cost effective, timely interpreting and translation solutions for the automotive industry.

Our expert interpreters and translators have an in-depth, technical knowledge, often acquired from a background in engineering or mechanics. Applying this comprehensive knowledge to your products ensures a high level of consistency and terminological accuracy.

ONCALL UK is well equipped to provide automotive interpreting, translation, and even voice over solutions in a number of different areas, including:

New Vehicle Launches

Marketing Brochures


Parts Labelling




Translation Process

ONCALL UK’s Translation Project Management team is adept and highly experienced at managing large, complex projects in multiple languages. They understand the importance of selecting the right team of professionals and will build tailored workflows around you.

Reduce your time to market and expenditure by up to 70%!


Due to the repetitive nature of documentation within the automotive industry, our Project Management team will deploy Translation Memory tools to ensure the highest level of consistency and accuracy. By utilising these tools, ONCALL UK can help you increase time to market and reduce costs by as much as 70%.

Automotive Interpreters

Providing high-level, automotive interpreters for the delegates at your vehicle launch will ensure your event is a huge success and promote your brand globally across multiple markets. Interpreters will work in teams of two to ensure that all vehicle information is interpreted simultaneously and your foreign delegates do not miss a thing! ONCALL UK can also provide the required Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment for your event!.

In Car Voice Overs

Providing in car information during your next vehicle launch to aid foreign speaking delegates is invaluable for ensuring your vision is realised, in any language. ONCALL UK's voice over artists are trained actors who undertake your recordings in a professional sound studio to ensure the highest level of quality. As part of our automotive translation services, we can translate the original transcript into multiple languages and manage the whole project for you!

eLearning Materials

ONCALL UK will make certain your automotive training and eLearning packages undergo Localisation and that standard training is provided throughout your international organisation, regardless of the country your employees reside in. This automotive translation service guarantees consistency in the high level of service you offer to your clients and that your brand is successful in all markets.